Ball Farm bloodhounds


Saydee was Karis’ pick from Lilly’s first litter back in 2009. She is a red like her mother and just whelped a litter of 11 healthy pups, she kept them all, and now they are all in great homes!

Jolene is the youngest but the biggest bloodhound of the pack! She is a large and beautiful black and tan. We look forward to seeing pups from her in the years to come!

Ruby Blue: Blue is our youngest female. She is the daughter of Lilly -our first Bloodhound and half sister of Saydee. She is full of energy and loves to play. She has her mother’s friendly disposition!



Jolene delivered a litter of 13 healthy black and tan pups on October 7th! She is doing great taking care of them. Six are already spoken for, but contact us today to reserve one for your family! Check on the Current Pups page for more pictures!