Ball Farm bloodhounds


Our Dogs

Bear: Bear is our gentle Black and Tan male. He has kind and playful temperament and has produced several litters of beautiful pups! He has a beautiful face and coat!

Saydee was Karis’ pick from Lilly’s first litter back in 2009. She is a red like her mother and just whelped a litter of 11 healthy pups, she kept them all, and now they are all in great homes!

Jolene is the youngest but the biggest bloodhound of the pack! She is a large and beautiful black and tan. We look forward to seeing pups from her in the years to come!

Ruby Blue: Blue is our youngest female. She is the daughter of Lilly -our first Bloodhound and half sister of Saydee. She is full of energy and loves to play. She has her mother’s friendly disposition!



Puppies have arrived!!! Jolene has delivered a healthy litter of black and tan pups! Only two females are available in this litter! Contact us soon to reserve one!!!